Service Provision


We offer a range of services, that all help support the core functions of modern general practice.

All services provided by Weavers plus have 5 principles in common:

  1. They have a clear structure with achievable goals.
  2. They will add value to your business.
  3. They are cost effective.
  4. They are based on proven models of working.
  5. Patients and staff are the priority.

GP Enhanced Access

Based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, Weavers Medical is an at scale provider of GP enhanced access.

With a proven track record of high quality service provision, we have been delivering extended/enhanced access to over 100,000 patients since 2018. Using a mix of directly employed staff and local practice clinicians, we are able to offer a good quality enhanced access service with a range of appointment types, either remote or face-to-face.

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Practice Consultancy and Sustainability

Weavers Medical runs two practices in Northamptonshire and has extensive experience in practice management.

We look at practice management differently…

We have spent many years developing a successful management team, which brings together the managerial and clinical aspects of primary care. Effective practice management recognises the need for both clinical and managerial input in every business decision. Once this partnership is established, work can begin to make it effective. Only then, can quality, innovation and creativity thrive.

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Respiratory Hub

During the winter months of 2022/23, Northamptonshire ICB funded the delivery of the Kettering Respiratory Hub. This service was mobilised rapidly under a similar model to that of the GP Extended Access Hub. The service was open Monday - Saturday and provided Acute Respiratory Appointment to patients of any age.

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Group Consultations (LTCs)

Together, Patients Are Stronger

Group consultations are powerful one-to-one consultations in group settings when patients spend longer with their health care teams, and when they can have an honest conversation about their condition in a supportive peer group.

Group consultation is a proven model to build on the strength of patient empowerment in management their own condition.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is an informal negotiation facilitated by a trusted neutral person, it is quick and effective way to build dialogue between people, to resolve dispute and to restore trust.

Learn more about the Interpersonal Mediation Service

Mental Health Services

In development. Please contact us if you wish to know more.