Group Consultation

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Together, Patients Are Stronger

Group consultation is a proven model to build on the strength of patient empowerment in management their own condition. Patients meet with a non-clinical facilitator and share questions about their condition before meeting the clinician.

Group consultation is built on an authentic discussion that bring together what is important to the individuals and how the condition management can be maximised in line with the latest guidance.


A consultation with a group of 10-15 patients with a similar condition who meet for approximately 60 minutes. During the consultation they meet with a trained facilitator and have the opportunity to ask questions related to their own condition and how it affect the day-to-day life. The clinician then joins the group to answer all the questions and then focus on each individual to address any further personal questions or plan. Finally, the facilitator collects feedback and agree the next steps.

Group consultations are available online or face-to-face for LTC conditions including Asthma, Diabetes, or High Cholesterol.

Benefit of group consultations

  • Patients become more actively involved in self-care, as they are able to ask questions about how their condition and how it affect the day-to-day living, and as they learn and encouraged by listening to other people questions.
  • Patients spend longer with their health care teams.
  • Reduce clinical burnout and fatigue by introducing a different and more engaging way of connecting with patients.
  • Create a personalised approach to patient care meeting all the targets.
  • Simple remote booking facility available to a dedicated SystemOne Hub. All consultation will be recorded using LTC Ardent Template to ensure all QOF targets are addressed and met.


Group consultations can be booked as sessions or as individual appointments both in person and online. Practices could offset the cost through ARRS funds.

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