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During the winter month of 2022/23, Northamptonshire ICB funded the delivery of the Kettering Respiratory Hub. This service was mobilised rapidly under a similar model to that of the GP Extended Access Hub. The service was open Monday - Saturday and provided Acute Respiratory Appointment to patients of any age.


Both the service delivery model and positive feedback from patients and practices introduced the idea of developing a Respiratory Hub all year round.

This will have multiple benefits:

Benefit to Patients

  • Increased access to acute respiratory presentations.
  • Increased access to respiratory LTC reviews.
  • Access to group consultations which support LTC management.
  • Convenience of location (town centre setting).

Benefit to Practices

  • Ability to increase and flex capacity for Acute Respiratory Conditions.
  • Ability to increase and flex capacity for LTC management.
  • Access to diagnostics.

Benefit to Staff

  • Opportunity to vary work and expand skills.
  • Opportunity to supplement income with occasional shifts.

Benefit to System

  • Extra capacity for acute respiratory presentations
  • At scale general practice service that has the capacity to mobilise and adapt to varying demand quickly.


The Respiratory Hub can provide different services. Built on an agile structure, it can be responsive to requests rapidly.

Acute Services

  • On-the-day appointments (in person) for acute respiratory conditions of any age, to provide extra capacity in primary care and the emergency system.
  • On-the-day appointment (in person) for acute respiratory conditions of any age, to provide support to practices by flexing capacity (i.e. in lieu of locum costs)

Routine / LTC service

  • Pre-bookable appointments for respiratory condition reviews supporting routine primary care and achievement of targets (QOF, PAF, etc):
    • F2F or Online Asthma Group Consultations
    • F2F or Online 1:1 Asthma or COPD reviews
  • Group consultation is a proven model and builds on the strength of patient empowerment in managing their own condition(s). Patients meet with a non-clinical facilitator and share questions about their condition before meeting the clinician. Group consultation is built on an authentic discussion, which brings together what is important to the individual and how the condition management can be maximised in line with the latest guidance.


  • Potential for developing Spirometry service or FeNO testing to support diagnosis.

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