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About Us


Weavers Plus+ is part of Weavers Medical, a GP practice that has grown from humble roots and developed by putting its people first.

We have clinical quality, managerial expertise and business acumen at our core. We describe our business model as: agile, creative, passionate, joyful and innovative.

By listening, learning (and failing) over many years, we have been able to develop an effective clinical/managerial lens from which to view every opportunity. Clinicians and managers work together  seamlessly on each project, with patient care and staff wellbeing always at the centre. This positive synergy leads to creativity and innovation.

We currently run two GP practices. We also have experience of running at scale contracts such as GPEA, drive thru COVID vaccination, step down community beds and a respiratory hub.

Weavers Plus+ has been developed as a way of offering different types of help to practices. We absolutely believe in the GP practice, independent contractor model and want to help support its future. We  know the days of each practice doing everything are long gone and we want to help practices make the right choices and develop in the right areas to remain sustainable.

We understand that people are by far the greatest asset of GP practices: recruiting them, training them, retaining them and safeguarding their wellbeing.

We believe we have the tools and expertise to help your practice succeed. Weavers Plus+ is a mix of GPs and managers. Two partners hold MBAs and one GP is a qualified pharmacist.

Jo Barker, Raf Poggi, John McManus, Jonathan Sansome, Stuart Pavey

Meet our Team

  • John McManus
  • Jonathan Sansome
  • Raf Poggi
  • Stuart Pavey
  • Jo Barker