Interpersonal Mediation Service

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Mediation is an informal negotiation facilitated by a trusted neutral person, it is quick and effective way to build dialogue between people, to resolve dispute and to restore trust.

How does it work?

Quite often, we are able to resolve our disputes or complaints just by having a conversation. However, the circumstances are not always right for that conversation to be constructive and productive.

The mediator will create an environment that is known to bring a better conversation between people, by ensuring the conversation is:

  • Confidential - Everyone is asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  • Impartial - The mediator is not taking sides
  • Voluntary - Everyone is free to enter into mediation and to opt out at any time.
  • Future-focused - The main focus in mediation is on how everyone wants things to change.

Who can be referred?

Anyone involved in a conflict or complaint with a desire to resolve the differences is welcome into mediation: work colleagues, NHS patients and clients are welcome.

Workplace examples:

  • Personality clashes
  • Unfair treatment
  • Communication issues
  • Issues with management styles

Medical examples:

  • Communication issues
  • Care not meeting expectation

Want to find out more?

Please send us a message and we can arrange a meeting to discuss further.