Care Navigation Training

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The course has been created based on the experience of Care Navigators introduced at Weavers Medical in 2017.

With the support of the clinicians and following a simple protocol, Care Navigators continue to gain experience and confidence in understanding people needs independently from the way they are presented and navigating them to the most appropriate service. Understanding feelings and needs is a vital step towards effective care navigation and it is a good way of safeguarding the wellbeing of staff.

The course has been inspired by the work of Marshal Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life). Nonviolent Communication helps us in hearing people needs, it helps us in becoming conscious on our responses, and it helps up communicate with a clear, positive, and concrete action language while paying others a respectful and empathic attention.

When patients present to the care navigators, they feel worried, scared, or concerned, and often take the opportunity to express their frustrations to the care navigators. Patients tend to ask to be seen by their own doctor. It is only after they are satisfied that they have been heard, and understood, that they are ready to be guided by the navigators to the most appropriate clinician or service. The role of the care navigators is to actively listen to the patients’ needs independently from the way these are presented and to navigate to the multitude of options available.


Benefit to staff

  • Improve Wellbeing
  • Decrease anxiety and stress level
  • Improve job satisfaction

Benefit to patients

  • Awareness of being heard
  • Seeing the right clinician
  • Accessing the right service

Benefit to Practice

  • Improve staff recruitment and retention
  • Happier team
  • Transform the frontline battlefield by bringing joy back into the frontline

Benefit to Clinicians

  • Reduce re-attendances
  • Seeing the right patient at the right time

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